The Dojo​​​


The Dojo is a traditional Japanese Karate club whose unique cultural heritage and authentic techniques stem directly from the Master Gogen Yamaguchi.  Karate skills are developed through a series of interrelated drills designed to improve strength, speed, balance, flexibility and timing.

They are broken down into the follow major categories:

            - Kihon Basics: building blocks of karate practice

            - Waza Techniques: hand, foot and other

            - Ido Movement: foundations and footwork

            - Kata Forms: prescribed traditional patterns of movement

            - Kumite Sparring: pre-arranged, sport and combat fighting

            - Bunkai Analysis: practical application of a kata

Self defense and safety awareness are also an integral part of training.

Physical fitness is an important part of your karate training.  Following a proper warm-up, a small amount of time during each class is spent developing strength and endurance.  However, most of the class is spent refining karate techniques.  We strongly encourage all members to follow a fitness training plan outside regular classes.